Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

– Barack Obama

Indigo Pursuit Ltd is a recruitment agency and career coaching service for women based in East Lothian and Edinburgh.


We are passionate about matching great candidates with great jobs.

As professionals in career coaching and recruitment we specialise in helping women with their careers and help you find a great job if that is your career goal.  

All our efforts are focused on finding roles in the job market that ideally suit your needs.

We offer a variety of career support packages so that you can choose what you need at this stage of your career.


We work with all business types across the Lothians and Edinburgh who benefit from our bespoke recruitment service.  We work with you to find experienced, skilled, professional women to be part of your team.

We know our candidates.  Each candidate will have undergone an intense career coaching session so we are sure you are getting a perfect match.  This minimises your risk of employing the wrong person and wasting precious time, money and resources in doing so.

Michelle Gleeson Indigo Pursuit

Michelle Gleeson

As well as being a qualified Life and Career Coach, Michelle has a degree in Business and a Masters in Human Resource Management. She has worked in business in Ireland for most of her working life. She held many senior positions including being a managing director for eight years. Michelle is a mother of four children and the founder of Indigo Pursuit.

Michelle was also one of the founding directors and shareholders of Great Gas Petroleum (Ireland) Plc from 2005 to 2009 at which point the business was sold to London Stock Exchange quoted DCC Plc. Michelle’s key involvement in Great Gas is well covered in a book on the company’s success entitled “The Accidental Entrepreneur; how we turned €3,749 into a €100 million company in three years” (ISBN 978-1-909895-59-1).

In 2006 she completed a Masters in Human Resource Management to learn more about people, what motivates them, and how to ensure you have a happy workforce. She discovered the importance of ensuring that the job you were in was the one you were most suited to and felt so passionate about this she decided to develop a career dedicated to helping people to achieve their dream job.

Nikki Black

Nikki ‘s career began in the Hospitality Industry after she completed her degree at Napier University. In 2000 she progressed into Hospitality Recruitment, a role she held for four years before she diversified into office-based recruitment.

She completed a Diploma in Business Advice in 2005 and Nikki moved to Business Gateway as a Start-up Business Advisor. In 2012, with the arrival of her twins, expanding her family to three little girls she took time out to be at home.

Nikki thrived in the chaos of family life and took on many responsible roles such as the treasurer of Gullane Playgroup. She strongly believes the many new skills she acquired in these roles still benefit her today.

In 2017 with her children now in school she was looking for an opportunity to return to her career. She joined Indigo Pursuit and as a qualified career and life coach is loving every minute of being part of an enterprise that supports women to find a career they love.


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Change of Career

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Women Returning to the Workplace

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Employee transition from sick leave, career break etc

Promotional work changes and restructuring transitions

Productivity and challenging growth process

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For Candidates


The first session will be a general discussion and an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. It also give you a chance to see if you feel the process will work for you. This is free of charge and there is no obligation to continue.


The Career Coaching involves spending approximately ninety minutes with our Coach. The aim of this process is to ensure that you have explored your own thoughts and have clarity in relation to where and what you would like your next job to be. You may even decide at this stage that you are not ready to return to the work force. If you are, you will continue through the process.


This is where we arrange interviews for you with ideal prospective employers. This process will be ongoing until the match is made.

When the match is made there is a further option for you to benefit from extra support and coaching through the first few weeks of your new employment if you so desire it.

Indigo Pursuit Packages

  1. One intensive 2 hour career coaching session including introductory meeting & CV template = £95
  2. 6 session career coaching programme = £350
  3. Four hour group coaching workshop which includes wheel of work and goal setting tasks, £100.00 per person (maximum six participants, contact Nikki for dates)
  4. Bespoke Career Coaching Packages, prices available on request.
  5. 2 hour session covering CV and profile writing (this is run only as a follow on from your career coaching session within a group situation) £25.00, contact Nikki for dates


For Employers


We tap in to a unique pool of talented women ready to commit to you as an employee and ready to fulfil your job requirements.  All our candidates go through an in-depth career coaching session. These are professional women committed to their career paths.  We understand their qualifications, talents and experience and match your requirements to their skillset.


Indigo pursuit has been established in the hope to change the ethos that currently is associated with many recruitment agencies. By using our bespoke services, you will reduce your recruitment costs not only in terms of recruitment fees, but also in terms of employing someone we have coached that is reliable and committed.


By working with Indigo Pursuit Ltd you are working with a company that is committed to helping the greater community of women in Edinburgh and the Lothians.  Working with us allows you to align your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical business practices with your Human Resource Programme. It is good for you and it is good for the community.



Many of us find ourselves turning the same corner in life repeatedly and becoming very frustrated with our lack of progress in following the road we want to travel. The first time this happens perhaps you can blame ‘life’ and say it just got in the way. The second, third and fourth time it happens there are other reasons, all authentic, but life is ticking and you’re not going where you want to go.

If you were an athlete, your coach would support you in keeping focused, support, encourage and motivate you, ensuring you were the best you can be. Your life deserves the same attention. How can you get the ball rolling and make it happen?

Michelle Gleeson is the Coach that will help you to break past any negative beliefs that you may have about your ability, which may be holding you back. A Coach can help you to transform your mindset and habits into positive action.

Michelle coaches in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

Be CEO of Your Life Indigo Pursuit


Make it Happen Indigo Pursuit

A career coach is a trained professional who explores with you what is happening in your work life at present and drives you on to where you want to go to tomorrow. Their task is to help you to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. Your coach will empower you to reach your goal whether that is, for example, excelling in the workplace, choosing a career or study path, going back to work, achieving a work life balance or any other burning ambition you may have.

A career coach will use techniques based on core psychological principals and their own intuition. Your coach will provide you with the tools to confidently face difficult

situations, push past emotional barriers and eventually view life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes.

Just as sports coaching works with athletes to hone themselves into the fastest, strongest, most tactical competitors in their disciplines, career coaching helps people from all professional and personal backgrounds improve their strengths and build upon their weaknesses to make the most of their lives.

A career coach will not tell you what to do, it is not a coach’s job to become personally involved in a client’s life. Career coaching is about objectivity, structure and empowerment, not instruction.


Nikki on 078 4930 8436 or and we can arrange a time to meet.